Pickup Hitch Cable – 293020A1, 228723A1, 281261A1, 293020A3, 293020A4, 293020A5, 304929A1, 293020A2 & 293020A4, 293020A5

Case International
Agricultural Tractor, Deluxe Cab:
CX100, CX50, CX60, CX70, CX80, CX90
MX100, MX100C, MX110, MX120, MX135, MX150, MX170, MX80C, MX90C

Agricultural Tractor, Deluxe Cab:
C100, C50, C60, C70, C80, C90, CX100, CX50, CX60, CX70 CX80, CX90
MC100, MC105, MC105 Power-4, MC110 Power-4, MC115, MC115 Power-4, MC120 Power-6, MC130 Power-4, MC135 Power-6, MC80, MC90, MC95
MTX110, MTX120, MTX120 Restyle, MTX125, MTX135, MTX135 Restyle, MTX140, MTX145 Restyle, MTX150, MTX155, MTX165, MTX175, MTX185, MTX200
XTX185, XTX200, XTX215

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