Clutch Cover Assembly – 47134889 & 47134905


Technical Information

  • Number of release levers: 6
  • Number of springs: 1
  • Number of fixing bolts: 6
  • Size of clutch: 280/280mm
  • Type of clutch: Dual
  • Clamping type: Coil & diaphragm spring
  • Additional clutch information: Cast iron cover
  • Release arrangement: Safety PTO

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Clutch Cover Assembly – 47134889 & 47134905

Tractor Range:

Agricultural tractor
JX1060C, JX1070C, JX1075C, JX1085C, JX1095C, Quantum 65C, Quantum 75C, Quantum 85C (Dual 280/280 LuK)

Orchard tractor
JX1075N, JX1095N, Quantum 105F, Quantum 105N, Quantum 75F, Quantum 75N, Quantum 85F, Quantum 85N, Quantum 95F, Quantum 95N (Dual 280/280 LuK)

Vineyard tractor
JX1060V, JX1075V, JX1095V, Quantum 65V, Quantum 75V, Quantum 85V, Quantum 95V (Dual 280/280 LuK)

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